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Did you know Couples Counseling can help you and your partner learn to:

Communicate effectively,

Decrease the reactivity that leads to loud demanding interactions, &

Eventually increase intimacy?

Couples Counseling

I will help you connect Emotionaly to your Partner, so that just like Piglet above, you can be sure of each other.

Couples Counseling is a process that begins when you make that first call. I'm Dr. Kerns and I am an Experienced Couples Counselor.

Many times couples come into counseling with me, feeling very frustrated and misunderstood by their partner. This conflict leads to arguing and eventually to thoughts of dissolving the relationship. Miscommunication leads to further issues in relationships that can be smoothed over and sorted out in therapy sessions.

Couples counseling can help to change relationship patterns into dynamic interactions where relationships thrive. Sessions are designed to generate an understanding of the viewpoint of the partner. From this understanding we work together to build the relationship by a blending of the strengths and weaknesses of each partner.

Success is achieved by a consistent working through of issues, each time with the partners taking more responsibility with the tools that they have learned from previous sessions. I have helped many couples, and I can help you.

Dealing with trust, commitment, communication, multicultural issues, and intimacy can challenge any relationship. I would like to help you with your concerns today.

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, and have a Doctorate Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, from CGI of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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