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 Licensed Marriage Family Therapist  # MFC 50443 - Dr.Marie Kerns,Psy.D.

  In a relaxed office environment, Dr. Kerns helps Individual, Couples, and Families find solutions to their relationships challenges. 949-285-5199

Couples Counseling

Dr. Marie Kerns, PsyD
Experienced Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #50443


Did you know Couples Counseling can help you and your partner learn to communicate effectively, decrease the reactivity that leads to loud demanding interactions, and eventually increase intimacy?

 This is a process that begins when you make that first call.
    I'm Dr. Kerns and I am an Experienced Couples Counselor. You may call me now at 949-285-5199 or leave me a text message, and I will get back to you.

I have also had success with Pre-marital counseling, Trust Issues, Sex Therapy, Addiction to Love, Porn, & Sex, and working with Inter-Racial Couples.

I am a Skilled Therapist, and Clinical Member of:

AASECT – American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists
CASTOC – Couples and Sex Therapist of Orange County
CAMFT – California Association of Marriage Family Therapists
OCCAMFT – Orange County CAMFT

You may call me at 949-285-5199

About Couples Counseling

Many times couples come into counseling feeling very frustrated and misunderstood by their partner. This conflict leads to arguing and eventually to thoughts of disolving the relationship. 

Miscommunication leads to further issues in relationships that can be smoothed over and sorted out in therapy sessions. Therapy, marriage counseling, and/or coaching can help to change your relationship patterns into a dynamic interaction where your relationship thrives.

In counseling sessions I work with couples by integrating techniques, designed to generate understanding of the viewpoint of their partner. From this understanding we work together on building the relationship by a blending of the strengths and weaknesses of each partner. 

Success is achieved by a consistent working through of issues, each time with the partners taking more responsibility with the tools that they have learned from previous sessions.

I have helped many couples, and 
I can help you.

Relax in a comfortable office setting.

About Individual Counseling

The counseling approach that I use with Individual clients is best described as integrative psychotherapy. Using a combination of various therapeutic strategies and skills, depending upon a client’s unique challenges. 

Many of my clients tell me that they find it difficult to discuss their personal thoughts and experiences with friends and family. I provide a confidential, committed, and supportive place where you can tell your story, and I will listen, and help you sort out your issues. 

Counseling can help:
  •  Identify your unhealthy patterns, 
  •  Integrate problems with solutions, and 
  •  Empower you to live your life with satisfaction!

Please call me at your earliest convenience.


         $125.00 for a 50 min session      
        SAVE purchase 4 and the 5th is on me.
  Payable by Cash, Check, Credit Card

Psychology students and Interns preparing to be therapists, may see me for their own personal therapy. The BBS accepts 100 hours of personal therapy X 3, which is 300 hours toward licensure.